Getting Started with 3DNS

What is 3DNS?

3DNS is the first onchain domain registrar that's compatible in both web2 and web3. This means that you can do things like set email and website records on your domain, as well as send and receive crypto from your domain.

3DNS supports the most popular domain TLD's, including .com, .xyz, .co, .io, .box and more.

Domains that you register or transfer into 3DNS are NFT's in your wallet, meaning that they are secured by your private key in your wallet, and the security of Ethereum on the Optimism L2. This functionally means that you're self custodying your domains! This is the first and only option to ever exist. With your domain as an NFT, you'll enjoy the added security knowing your domain is in your control, better liquidity, easier transfers and a smoother all around experience.

The three main benefits of 3DNS:

Prevent DNS Hijacking: Centralized DNS solutions like GoDaddy and Namecheap are susceptible to social engineering attacks to take over domains. 3DNS places the security of a domain behind the owner’s private keys, reducing this risk to practically 0%.

Increased domain liquidity: Existing web domains are hard to transact due to centralized registrars managing ownership. 3DNS allows users to bid on any domain, receive instant liquidity (vs. 2-3 week escrow in traditional systems), and begin to use domains in smart contracts.

Decentralize your domain: We shouldn’t need to trust any centralized party to return the correct DNS records for a domain. 3DNS allows users to store all DNS records onchain, so users can access domain data without trusting any centralized party.

Check out the Tutorials and the FAQ, if you have any suggestions, join our discord and let us know!