Dappling Network

Learn how to seamlessly connect your 3DNS domain to a Dappling-hosted website, ensuring correct internet functionality.

Setup a 3DNS Domain on Dappling Network

Step 1: Log in to your Dappling account and either select an existing website from your projects or choose to deploy a new website.

This will allow you to manage or start your website setup directly from your Dappling dashboard.

Step 2: Once your site is deployed, navigate to the "Domains" tab located in your site settings.

This section allows you to manage and configure domain-related settings for your website.

Step 3: Copy the DNS records provided by Dappling and enter them into your 3DNS settings.

This will ensure that your domain points to your Dappling-hosted site and functions correctly across the internet. Make sure to accurately transfer all record details to avoid any connectivity issues.

Step 4: After copying the DNS records from Dappling, enter them into your 3DNS settings.

Once you've input all necessary records, click on "Apply Updates" to ensure these changes take effect. This step is critical for connecting your domain to your Dappling-hosted website properly.

Enjoy your website hosted on IPFS resolved through your 3DNS domain!