Mystery box is a special project developed by 3DNS

Mystery.Box by 3DNS


Welcome to Mystery.Box! Mystery.Box is a unique, collectible digital product in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that offers a fun and engaging way to own and use ENS/DNS names. This document provides an overview of what Mystery Boxes are, how they work, and how you can participate.

What is a Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a one-of-a-kind NFT with its own special name and features. Each Mystery Box has multiple uses:

  • ENS Identifier: Use it as an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) identifier.
  • DNS Name: Use it as a Domain Name System (DNS) name.
  • Extra Rewards: Participate in our customer loyalty program, where additional rewards may be distributed to Mystery Box holders. These rewards are not guaranteed and are provided as a bonus.

How Does it Work?

When you purchase a Mystery Box, you are acquiring a digital product with intrinsic value. Here are the steps to get your Mystery Box:

  1. Get a Wallet
    • Download a crypto wallet like Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask.
  2. Add Funds
    • Ensure you have $4.20 in USDC or ETH in your wallet on the Optimism network for each Mystery Box you want to purchase.
  3. Connect Your Wallet
    • Select the number of Mystery Box NFTs you want, then hit mint. Don’t forget to claim your free Onchain Summer NFT!
  4. Check for Rewards
    • Come back on Sept 1st, 2024 to see if you’ve received additional rewards. You have 90 days from the distribution date to claim your rewards.

Managing Your Mystery Box

  • View on Opensea: Each Mystery Box can be viewed and traded on Opensea.
  • DNS and ENS Management: Manage your DNS and ENS records from the 3DNS app —
  • Reward Tiers

    The following graph shows how extra rewards unlock as more Mystery Boxes are sold. Each sale brings us closer to the next reward tier. On Sept 1st, 2024, we will distribute the unlocked rewards to Mystery Box holders as a bonus.

Reward Distribution

  • Milestones: Rewards unlock at specific sales milestones (e.g., 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, etc.).
  • Distribution Date: Rewards will be distributed on Sept 1st, 2024.
  • Eligibility: All Mystery Box holders as of the snapshot date will be eligible for rewards.

Limited Edition Art Piece

Every Mystery Box holder can claim a limited edition NFT art piece while the reward period is live. Don’t wait—claims close when the reward period ends.

Technical Details

Network and Storage

  • Network: All transactions and records are managed on Base, including your ENS records.
  • Onchain Storage: DNS and ENS records are stored onchain.

Mystery Box Functionality

  • Unique Names: Each box is randomly assigned a unique name from a curated list of the top 100,000 most common english words.
  • ENS Identifier: Use your mystery box name as your ENS name.
  • Website: Use your mystery box name as a domain for your website.
  • NFT: The Mystery Box is an NFT that can be traded, transferred, and sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a digital tool that allows you to store and manage your cryptocurrency and digital assets. Examples include Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask.

What is 3DNS?

3DNS is the platform behind Mystery Box, enabling the creation and management of domain names and ENS names onchain — all in one onchain NFT.

How does 3DNS make Mystery Box possible?

3DNS collaborated with Coinbase's Onchain Summer, leverages Optimism and ENS to provide onchain DNS and ENS management and minting of Mystery Box NFTs.

What network is the Mystery Box on?

Mystery Box operates on Optimism, an L2 on Ethereum.

Contact Us

For more information or to create your own Mystery Box project, contact 3DNS: