Superchain Identity

Overview of Superchain Identity

Superchain Identity


Superchain Identity is a collaborative project by 3DNS, Optimism, .box, and ENS, unifying ENS and DNS on Optimism. It provides a single identity for managing both onchain and online presence.

Head to to secure your Superchain Identity.


  • Mint Third Level Domains (fka sub domains) of (i.e. or
  • These domains will function the same as second level domains — they work in the browser and for emails, as well as an ENS address.
  • In the event that we secure .super and .chain in the next round of gTLD auctions, names will convert from third level domains to second level domains


  • ICANN accredited domain and ENS name in one NFT
  • Usable for onchain transactions and online presence
  • Customizable usernames, NFT displays, payments, PFPs, social IDs
  • Website and email setup capability


$5/year for a fully functioning subdomain with the right to register the corresponding second-level domain in the future.

Registration Process

  1. Account Setup: Connect wallet and sign transaction message
  2. Domain Registration: Register your or domain
  3. Usage: Use your domain onchain and online
  4. Future Upgrade: Conversion to second-level domain (.chain or .super) if ICANN auction is successful

Future Plans

  • Applying for .chain and .super top-level domains in next ICANN auction
  • If successful, conversion of Optimism names from third-level to second-level domains


  • Easy-to-remember addresses for crypto transactions
  • Web3 equivalent of domain names (e.g., vs.
  • Unified identity for online and onchain presence

Additional Information

  • Project is a collaboration between a leading L2 and the first onchain domain registrar
  • Offers comprehensive identity management: website hosting, email setup, crypto addresses, avatars, personal records, etc.

For more details or to get your own Superchain Identity, head to