Google Workspace

This tutorial outlines the necessary steps to successfully set up a 3DNS domain on your Google Workspace account.

Set up a 3DNS Domain on Google Workspace

This article assumes that you already have a Google Workspace account. If you don't have a workspace account already, you can see a tutorial for how to do so here.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Workspace account

Login to your Google Workspace account, and head to the the domain management in settings. Once you're on this page, go to "add domain".

Step 2: Add your 3DNS domain

Once you add your domain, if you have one already set up, it will give you the option to set a secondary domain, or as an alias. You can set it as the primary domain later in settings if you choose a secondary domain.

If you haven't set up a domain already, it will be set as the primary domain.

Scroll down and click the "Add domain & start verification"

Step 3: Add DNS records on 3DNS

You'll first have to grab the records from google's website. Below is the first page, you'll need to go to the "manage DNS tab" on 3DNS. Once you're there, click "Next: Go to step 2"

You'll first have to add a TXT verification, shown below. Clicking on the GOOGLE-SITE-VERIFICATION=XXXXXXXXXX will copy to clipboard, copy and paste this into 3DNS.

Paste your Google site code, set the hostname to "@" and the TTL to whatever you'd like, we chose 60 for this tutorial.

Click "Save", then click "Save" again, and sign the transaction in your wallet. This will push your TXT record onchain on Optimism.

Then head back to your Google Workspace and click "Protect Domain". Google is now verifying your domain, this may take up to 5 minutes.

Once this has been verified, click "activate Gmail" on your Google domain admin page.

After this page, select "Set up MX record", and then "Next"

Make sure you have the DNS Records page open on 3DNS. Click through the first section on your Google domain setup page and it will then show you the MX records to add to 3DNS. Add MX records from Google to 3DNS.

Once everything is added to 3DNS, your domain records on 3DNS should look like the below. Click "save" and sign the transaction in your wallet. This will push all your records onchain on Optimism.

Once you've signed the transaction, you'll know when everything is good when your domain dashboard shows Gmail activated next to your domain.

Step 4: Use your 3DNS domain as an email with Google Workspace

You can now use your 3DNS domain with Google Workspace! Add a user, set it as a primary domain, and do everything you can do with any domain you have connected to your workspace.