Learn how to set up your personal site on All.Box by connecting a 3DNS domain and customizing your content.

Setup your 3DNS domain on

Step 1: Head over to is a For Sale Page Builder specifically for Tokenized Domains. Click on [Sign-In With Ethereum] to sign in with your wallet

Step 2: Select a 3DNS domain that you already own or wish to register for building your site.

This choice will serve as the foundation for your new website, leveraging the benefits of a decentralized domain system. Click [Create New Site]

Step 3: Fill in your site information and background image

Make the changes to the content as you desire. Verify by seeing the subdomain ( on top that the site is ready.\

Step 4: Go to the DNS manager for 3DNS and add a new ALIAS record (ALIAS @

Copy and paste the subdomain from into 3DNS. Make sure that you're setting an ALIAS record, not a CNAME, and that the host is @. Set the TTL to whatever you'd like, and then click "save" and "save" again. Then sign the transaction that pops up in your wallet. Wait a while and confirm that the site shows up with your domain! Share the page to get Sales!