Guide to Listing Your Domain for Sale on NFT Marketplaces

A step-by-step guide on how to list your domain for sale on NFT marketplaces, specifically focusing on using the Opensea platform.

List my Domain for Sale

You can list your domain on any NFT marketplace that supports the Optimism network. Opensea has created a great tutorial for how to list your NFT, you can find that here.

Listing Domain for Sale on Opensea

Step 1: Navigate to your domain in your profile tab (notice, it may show up under hidden)

Make sure your wallet is connected. Once it is, head to your profile page. Make sure that you're on the optimism network, go to more, and under hidden you'll see your NFTs.

Step 2: Click list for sale on the NFT you want to list

Step 3: Fill out the steps and click "Complete Listing"

Step 4: Congrats, your NFT is listed!

Wait for someone to bid or purchase your NFT!