5 Easy Steps to Register a New Domain with 3DNS

In this guide, we discuss how to register a new domain on a computer with 3DNS, starting with setting up a digital wallet and ending with enjoying your new onchain domain.

Register a New Domain on a Computer with 3DNS in 5 Simple Steps

This tutorial assumes you know how to set up a wallet (hardware or hot wallet). If you're not familiar with how to set up a wallet or don't have a hardware wallet, you can view this tutorial for how to get started with Metamask. Make sure that you have a few dollars in ETH in your wallet on the Optimism network to cover gas costs.

Step 1: Sign into 3DNS

Head over to 3DNS, select your wallet and sign the transaction. If you're not already on the Optimism chain, you'll be prompted to switch to Optimism before singing the contract.

Step 2: Sign the Contract to Sign in to 3DNS

Step 3: Find your dream domain

Once you're at this page, search for your domain!

You're able to filter by whichever TLD (top level domain) you prefer. Looking for only .xyz, .io or .com domains? You can easily filter for just those TLDs.

Step 4: Once you've found your domain, add it to cart and checkout.

After clicking "checkout", this is the page that you'll come to. You can purchase with a credit card, ETH, or with USDC on Optimism. Notice, if you purchase with a credit card, there is a 30 day transfer restriction placed on the domain to prevent fraud.

Step 5: Enjoy the freedom of onchain domains!

Update your records, host a website, add a custom business email, send and receive crypto all onchain. You can transfer ownership of the domain at the speed of a transaction (seconds) not weeks, like in traditional web2. The future of domains is here and we're glad that you're here at the ground floor building it with us!