How to Transfer Your Existing Domain into 3DNS

Learn how to swiftly transfer an existing domain into 3DNS through a step-by-step video tutorial, providing clear and concise instructions.

Transfer an Existing Domain into 3DNS

Here's a quick video tutorial for how to do transfers:

1. Select the "Transfers" section on the 3DNS dashboard

After you've selected your domain, add it to cart and checkout

2. Checkout with your transfer

3. Get authorization code from your current DNS provider

You can see a tutorial for how to grab this from Namecheap and Godaddy. Make sure the authorization code is correct and your domain is unlocked. If it isn't the transfer will fail. Click continue.

4. Check status of transfers

You can view this under Domains > My Transfers. Make sure to check periodically. When the transfer is compelte, it will show under "status" as "complete".

Once your domain is transfered in, you officially have an onchain domain!