How to Transfer a Domain from Bluehost to 3DNS

Discover detailed instructions to successfully transfer your domain from Bluehost to 3DNS, ultimately converting your domain to an on-chain domain.

Transfer a Domain from Bluehost to 3DNS

Before You Begin:

Transfer Time: Up to 15 business days.

Service Continuation: Transferring your domain doesn't move your site hosting or cancel your Squarespace site. Consider this if planning to leave Squarespace.

DNSSEC: If enabled, remove DNSSEC from your domain settings before starting.

Transferring a Domain from Bluehost to 3DNS

1. Log in to Your Bluehost Account Manager:

Start by logging into your account on the Bluehost platform.

2. Navigate to the Domains Tab:

Click on the 'Domains' tab from the side navigation menu on the left.

3. Access Transfer or Move Domain Section:

Find and click on the 'Transfer or Move Domain' section.

4. Request Authorization Code:

Click on the 'REQUEST AUTH CODE' button to initiate the request for your domain's EPP code.

5. Acknowledge Transfer Agreements:

You will be directed to a page where you need to confirm your agreement to the transfer terms. Check the acknowledgment box.

6. Proceed with the Transfer:

Click on the 'CONTINUE TRANSFER' button to move forward.

With your auth code in hand, proceed to transfer your domain to 3DNS:

7. Visit 3DNS

Go to the 3DNS platform (

8. Start the Transfer Process:

In the 3DNS dashboard, select the "Transfers" section.

9. Add Your Domain and Checkout:

Enter your domain, add it to the cart, and complete the checkout process.

10. Insert authorization code from your current DNS provider

11. Confirm accurate WHOIS information, this is required for all domain transfers.

12. Monitor Transfer Status:

Keep an eye on your transfer under Domains > My Transfers. The status will update to "complete" once finished.

Congratulations, once the transfer is complete, your domain is successfully moved to 3DNS, making it an on-chain domain! πŸŽ‰