Why should I use 3DNS?

By custodizing your domains using 3DNS, you can prevent costly DNS attacks common in centralized registrars, and foster efficient domain markets.

Why should I use 3DNS?

Centralized DNS is fragile; Curve, Veledrome, Balancer, and MEW (amongst many other crypto projects) have been hacked via DNS exploits. When you have your domains on GoDaddy or Namecheap, it is a custodied service like using Coinbase to custody your crypto. In this case, customer service can be manipulated to give access to your domain to the wrong people.

In crypto where money is so fluid, even a few hour DNS attack can immutably steal millions from users.

The only way to solve this is to custody your domains. Not your keys, not your tokens/domains.

Additionally, centralized registrars make it very difficult to build liquid domain marketplaces. Users cannot submit bids on most domains and instead need to hire brokers. Secondary fees range from 10-25%. Price and bid history is obfuscated making comparison pricing difficult and up to multiple week escrow periods are put in place to prevent domain theft, but limit markets from clearing.