Setting up a 3DNS Domain on Paragraph

This guide offers detailed steps on how to set up and verify a custom 3DNS domain for a Paragraph publication, including DNS settings configuration.

How to Set Up a Custom 3DNS Domain for Your Paragraph Publication


Before you start, ensure you meet these prerequisites:

Own a 3DNS domain.

Pay a one-time fee of $50 in your Paragraph publication settings to unlock the custom domain feature.

Step 1: Purchase the Custom Domain Feature

Log into your Paragraph account.

Navigate to your Publication Settings.

Select the custom domain feature and complete the purchase via Stripe checkout.

Step 2: Configure Your DNS Settings

Navigate to your Publication Settings then enter your domain under "Custom domain" and select "Add."

Depending on whether you are using an apex domain or a subdomain, the DNS settings will differ:

For an Apex Domain (e.g.,

DNS Type: A

DNS Name: @

DNS Value:

For a Subdomain (e.g.,


DNS Name: blog (or your chosen subdomain)

DNS Value:

Step 3: Update DNS Settings for your 3DNS Domain

Log into the 3DNS app

Find and click on the Web tab.

Select Add DNS Record under the DNS Records tab.

Add or update the DNS records as required for your domain setup. Below is an example of an Apex domain being entered for Paragraph.

After making the necessary modifications to the DNS records, ensure you select "Add Record" to save the changes.

Step 4: Wait for DNS Propagation

DNS changes may take up to 48 hours to propagate.

Check the status in your Paragraph dashboard to confirm when the DNS configuration is verified.

Step 5: Verify Your New Custom Domain

Once DNS propagation is complete, your publication should be accessible via your custom domain.

Paragraph will automatically redirect from your old Paragraph URL to the new custom domain, ensuring your SEO remains intact.

Step 6: Add Analytics (Optional)

To track page views and audience growth, add your Google Analytics ID in your newsletter settings.