Learn to link your 3DNS domain to your newly created website on Framer through a seamless process entailing key steps right from publishing your project to applying DNS configurations.

Setup a 3DNS Domain on Framer

Step 1: Go to and Build your site

After you've built your website, you'll need to publish your project. Click the "Publish" button located at the top right. After, click "Add Custom Domain".

Step 2: After selecting "Add Custom Domain" on, type in your 3DNS domain

This will link your custom domain to the website you are creating, setting it up for access through your unique URL.

Step 3: After you enter your domain, Framer will provide you with two A records and one CNAME (or ALIAS) record

These records are essential for properly configuring your DNS settings to ensure that your 3DNS domain correctly points to your newly built Framer site.

Step 4: Once you have copied and pasted the provided A records and CNAME (or ALIAS) record into your domain settings, click "Apply changes" to ensure these DNS configurations take effect

Congrats, your onchain domain is now directed to your Framer site!

You can also view this video if you need more help.